Naruto 663 Raw Chapter – Kunai or Shiruken

Madara was capable of easily blocking… read the latest naruto 663 manga shippuden.
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To the point of Ee needing Onoki to make himself even faster. And as we have been told, in order to be capable of blocking or dodging someone, one has to have comparable speeds. Even with his tags already prepared, Minato still only managed to teleport away at the last second. Teleporting back to Konoha or such would allow him to survive, but he would obviously have lost the fight.

naruto 663 manga

naruto 663 manga

It would be due to both, as just having the Sharingan wouldn’t mean being able to block or such. And Madara allowed Onoki to hit him in order to hurt their determination. every other time, he protected himself with Susanoo. Hashirama is the only one who has fought him without it, and that was due to the sheer length of their battle wearing both out.Assuming that Madara don’t activate Suasano or even discard his ninja senses which allow ninjas to block a Kunai or Shiruken even from Blind spot (Even Kakashi displayed that against Kabuto in Konoha Hospital) and stay still then yeah, FIGHT SHOULD BE OVER.

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